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#79: January 2014 MindShift

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January 2014

Your Year Winning When Stoned

Connect your manners

connect-your-mannersHave you listed the required number of New Year’s resolutions? If not, please add the following one. Actually, please add it even if your list is full.

Stop sending me generic invitations to connect with you on LinkedIn or on any other social media. Please. If I don’t know you, if we have not yet met, and if no matchmaker is involved, then please dust off your manners and introduce yourself before asking me to connect with you.

Connections do matter . . . to your cell phone and your wireless device. We notice connections only when they are dropped. But connections are not relationships. A connection is the first tiny step, nothing more.

A connection made with care stands a very good chance of not being dropped. Only then can it be turned into a mutually beneficial relationship.

By all means reach out to others, but please handle the connection with care – mind your manners.

Relating a meaningful year

relate-in-personWith your list of resolutions made, are you hoping for a more meaningful year? Well, stop hoping and pay attention.  I know the secret to meaning.  Meaning is created through relationships.  There can be no meaning without relationships.

Shall I be more objective about this?  Objects on their own and in isolation have no meaning; meaning is derived from the relationships between objects.  For example, your new hi-tech gadget has no meaning, until you interact with it.

Life only makes sense to us through relationships.  Actually, it is our relationships with people that help us make sense. As Carl Jung, the great psychologist, explained, “We need other people to be truly ourselves.”  Your new gadget or updated social media profile just won’t do. Stop letting them isolate you from real, live people.

The secret to meaning is to be part of, not apart from.  So get out there and relate, in person and without technology barriers.

Giving up on winnings

winningsOnce again we had a very large lottery pot. At least this time two winners are in hiding. Two is better than one, but still not enough. We need many more winners.

Why is winning so statistically unlikely? Because we chose to make it so. But why should one winner take all? What if it was easier for many to win and to spread the wealth? Oh, yes, that’s why we can’t allow it. It smacks of socialism.

No wonder so many managers still believe in salesperson of the year instead of sales people of the year.

Don’t get me wrong. I do believe that winning is better than losing. I believe so much in winning that I think more people should feel able to win. After all, what is a loser? No, a loser is not someone who has lost. A loser is someone who has given up trying to win.

When knowing more is less

wineHowever, to know whether to win or lose, you must first be clear what winning really means to you. Not knowing might cost you, like it did my friend Pete. (Or maybe he won. You decide.)

Pete realized when it was that the boss decided not to offer him the new job. He was having dinner with the boss and a colleague. The colleague knew that Pete had once worked in the wine industry and so he suggested that Pete select the wine.  The problem was that the boss deemed himself to be the resident wine expert.

Pete was left with a simple choice.  Order a good wine according to his expertise or an inferior wine to stroke the boss’s ego.  Be dishonest to get the job or be true unto himself. Years later the colleague admitted why Pete did not get the job.

Today I drink a toast to you not being afraid to hire people who know more than you do.

Dance to get stoned

soldier_horse_statueTalking about toast, have you noticed that a city is not a city and a town is not on the map unless it has at least one guy on a horse carved in stone standing proud at a traffic intersection?

Here’s the interesting bit. No matter how often the traffic light turns green, the guy and the horse don’t budge. And no matter how many years pass before you visit again, the guy and his horse are still standing.

I know many people who want to be like that guy. But here’s the problem. They live the way that guy sits now – stuck. They don’t do and they don’t move.

They forget that the guy on the horse was once a frantic doer and a mover. That’s what earned him the right to be stoned.

I have never seen a statue dance. Unless you move, you cannot dance. And life is a dance before you get stoned.

Want to dance for me?

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