Going with the flow

Once again here is a time
When indeed I must take charge

With world affairs as well as mine
Looming dangerous and large

Forces surrounding swirling clowning
Teasing me until I’m numb
Currents set on quickly drowning
The better me I can become

As I struggle to keep well clear
Of the killer undertow
In my weakness and my fear
I say “I’m going with the flow.”

Some hope of going with the flow!
More a leaf in a rushing stream
Whizzing along with zip and go
Already rotting, no guiding dream

If only I will spot the rot
See that I control the flow
Know that I can change my lot
Through the choices I forego

Rise above my fear of choosing
I must influence the stream
While still flowing drifting cruising
I must visualize a dream:

A little ken
A little Zen


A few mistakes
Is all it takes


I breathe again

From: Pointers On My Path (now available in Kindle format on Amazon)