coach-going-placesYears ago I worked very closely with a CEO as we successfully rescued a bankrupt retailer operating in five countries. Yet, our professional relationship almost faltered the day he called me his coach.

I felt insulted because back then I thought myself a strategy consultant. I was most definitely not a coach.

Today I find myself doing more and more of the sort of work that is now so commonly and casually called coaching. And yet, I have never felt comfortable with the label ‘coach’. Until now, because I think I finally understand what a coach does.

You see, when I was young, a coach wasn’t a person. It was a vehicle, horse-drawn or railway. What did a coach do? It took you places, new and exciting places. What does a human coach do? Your coach takes you places you can only dream of achieving on your own.

I think I need a coach. Don’t you?

If you do, then find out more by emailing me at james @ nonsenseatwork dot com


But what will coaching do for me?

Good question. Who knows? However, a good place to find out is to read a few stories (true stories) of my coaching in action.