Don’t Ever Say Never (extract)

My radio “career” started in June 2006 and so I thought I would resign at the end of May 2016.

Exactly 10 years.

When did I get fired?

On the 17th of May 2016.


Two lessons

I now have two lessons to share:

Lesson #1: Don’t dawdle.

If you are unhappy doing something, deal with it quickly. I didn’t. I complained, and moaned, and whined. Now I am committed to supply seven radio pieces every week to a regional station in Chicago. Not two pieces a week, but seven! (How the H did that happen? Nonsense was at work.)


Lesson #2: We get what we wish for or what we think about too often.

This happens more often than not. (I could have said, “more often than we think,” but I think that would have been confusing.) We have more control over our lives than we care to own up to or take responsibility for. What you think inside sooner or later happens out there.


You have been warned.


Never listen to success gurus

If you fully understand Lesson 2 you will know why it is so important that you never listen to success gurus. Wait a moment! That is actually a third lesson. Lesson #3: Don’t listen to success gurus, especially not those gurus who promote five or even seven steps.

Why not? Because we have no idea what conversations they had going on in their head at the time of creating their success. Their success first happened in their head – and in your head is where your success happens first. That means that any guru’s recipe for success is unlikely to work for you, because your inner conversations are undoubtedly different and unique to you.

Let’s recap the three lessons you should heed: Don’t dawdle. Think constructive thoughts. Don’t obey success gurus (like this guru-in-the-making, me, who can only manage to come up with three steps to success).


Instead, listen to my One Step for Success

Just for today, ignore lesson #3, because I am going to give you One Step for Success.

(If you want to know what my One Step for Success is, become a patron.)