Did you get the jargoned message?


Bankers do it, doctors do it, consultants do it, teenagers do it and even you do it.

We all do it. We all use jargon.

It’s not much of a problem until we use it to hide behind or to exclude others.

When the same people work together or play together regularly, they tend to develop a way of expressing themselves. Because jargon develops naturally, it is almost inevitable.

Jargon is a communication short-hand. It improves understanding within the group while keeping non-members in the dark. In this way jargon unites the group while keeping outsiders out.

Jargon is thus unique to members but Greek to outsiders.

And there’s the rub. Jargon annoys outsiders.

In business there is one group of outsiders who you had better not annoy. Customers!

Businesses and Jargon lovers forget that we all belong to this group . . . and that we communicate loudly and clearly when annoyed.