“Look at me, I’m going somewhere. I’m a train, I’m a train, I’m a chucka train, yeah.”

I’m a Train by Albert Hammond from his 1989 CD The Best Of Albert Hammond



coach-going-placesHow I became a coach

Years ago I worked very closely with a CEO as we successfully rescued a bankrupt retailer operating in five countries. Yet, our professional relationship almost faltered the day he called me his coach.

I felt insulted because back then I thought myself a strategy consultant. I was most definitely not a coach.

Today I find myself doing more and more of the sort of work that is now so commonly and casually called coaching. And yet, I have never felt comfortable with the label ‘coach’. Until now, because I think I finally understand what a coach does.

You see, when I was young, a coach wasn’t a person. It was a vehicle, horse-drawn or railway. What did a coach do? It took you places, new and exciting places. What does a human coach do? Your coach takes you places you can only dream of achieving on your own.

(I think I need a coach. Don’t you?)


James’s approach to coaching

There are almost as many types of coaches as there are coaches. So what type of coach am I?

I am an effectiveness coach.

I focus on the “effect” or “outcome” that matters to you (personal coaching) and in your work role (leadership coaching, executive coaching, management coaching).

I help you get traction quickly by showing you on the Wheel of Success how and where your history and your fear can

  • harm your effectiveness, or
  • boost your effectiveness.


My motivation: Why I think I can help you

(Note: the first reason is probably the most important one.)

  • I have failed badly at work (even as a CEO) and personally (relationships, anyone?).
  • I have been a manager, a senior executive and a CEO in different companies.
  • I have worked with senior executives since the early 1980s as a management consultant and as coach since the mid-1990s.
  • I am currently working as a full-time CEO and a part-time executive leadership coach.


Cost of coaching

One of the thought patterns we will address during coaching is our inclination to think in terms of cost and not value. It is a basic human flaw, it seems, to think in terms of “what will I lose?” instead of in terms of “what will I gain?”

Success comes more often to those who think in terms of value, contribution and gains.

With that said, coaching with me will cost you time and money:

  • My first sessions are always free. (How else will we know whether we can work well together?)
  • My coaching is measured in sessions, not hours. A session typically lasts 60-90 minutes.
  • Any quick questions in-between sessions, within reason, are not charged.
  • Any tools of my design (such as my SHiFT Trigger for individuals) and reading matter from my pen are free.
  • Any externally-sourced tools and books or articles are for your account and will be your decision.
  • My fee per session ranges from $120 – $280. It depends on the type of coaching, whether you pay or your company pays, and whether you work for a non-profit. (These fees stay in effect as longs as I remain full-time employed as a CEO.) 

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