Nonsense Divides

photo: Alison Hattingh 2010

Nonsense Divides: Every (difficult) life decision is a (simple) personal choice between sense and nonsense

Status: Concept. | Progress: About 5% done. | Availability: Up in the air and around the bend.

Let me tell you about one of the most amazingly powerful things found in our modern society.  No, no, it’s not technology or weaponry.  It’s something that has been around for a long, long time.  It’s actually pretty low-tech.

It’s the strip of paint in the middle of the road that keeps that car speeding in your direction from colliding head-on with yours.  A strip of paint.  Every time I drive a car I marvel at its power.

On one side you are okay. But cross that strip of paint and you are at risk. On one side you are safe; on the other, well, things become uncertain.

If someone on the other side of that divide strays across the line into your side, things become risky very quickly.

And if you change countries you might find that your side of that strip of paint has now become the other side. To be safe, you must adjust, you must change the way you look at the road you are on.

So it is with life. The safe side of the road begins where you were born. But if you decide to go somewhere different, or take a new direction, then the old safe side becomes the other side.

All along the path, those two sides are divided by nothing more solid than your perception of that strip of . . . nothing. And yet, it can make a world of difference.