Nonsense Discovered

photo: Herman Nel (fellow hiker) 1987

Nonsense Discovered: How the Lioness, the Elephant and the Trojan Horse created the Wheel of Success and Other Nonsense

Status: Draft. | Progress: About 40% done. | Availability: Who knows? The road is long and winding.

This book explains how I discovered nonsense

(Actually, that is not quite correct. Nonsense is not something that one can discover. Nonsense is uncovered.) I explain what woke me to the fact that my reality often turned out to be nonsense. And that today’s sense often turned into tomorrow’s nonsense – and vice versa.

Tell me, why is nonsense so abundant?  Because it is a natural, renewable resource.  I realized this when I watched two dung beetles at work.  I looked around the African bush and saw lots and lots of dung baking in the sun.

Do you think dung beetles will ever run out of dung?  I hesitate to ask why not.  For the same basic reason we will never run out of nonsense.

Getting rid of nonsense can feel like Sisyphus at work.  For those who don’t know, Sisyphus was condemned by the gods to roll a rock to the top of a mountain.  This might not have been such a bad fate if the rock stayed put.  But, unfailingly, the rock would roll down the mountain and Sisyphus would have to start all over again.

Many people experience an equally absurd fate at work.  But it’s not always the gods who have condemned them; more often it is their desire for more money and status that numbs their senses to the absurdity of what they are doing.

Here’s my simple rule of thumb to judge when nonsense is being created, refreshed, recharged, renewed, reborn, re-whatever.  It happens when you are caught unsure of what you stand for.  Because when you are unsure, you make noises like ‘um, you know, ah’ as you struggle not to put your foot in your mouth.  That’s when your other foot steps in nonsense.

I have another simple rule.  Be clear.  And if you can’t be clear, be quiet.  Unless, of course, your intention is to produce more nonsense.

Be warned. My intention with this book is to present you with so much nonsense that you will find it easier and easier to recognize it when you step in it.