Books in Progress

The following books are in various stages of being written.

Patrons of the CNO will have early access to concepts, draft chapters and even get their own digital editions.


  1. Nonsense Discovered: How the Lioness, the Elephant and the Trojan Horse created the Wheel of Success and Other Nonsense
  2. Nonsense At Work: Find success by making the nonsense at work work for you
  3. Nonsense Divides: Every (difficult) life decision is a (simple) personal choice between sense and nonsense
  4. Bull in the Valley of Plenty: Selected bog reading matter from the defunct Kasteel Kronikel

Crossing The Nonsense Divide

The Madiba Mindset

Torn In The New SA

Nonsense Discovered (in progress)

Nonsense At Work (in progress)

Nonsense Divides (in progress)

photo: Alison Hattingh 2010

Bull in the Valley of Plenty (in progress)

Fleeing the nonsense of the city only to step in the bull of the country. photo: Herman Nel (fellow hiker) 1987

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