“Asimbonang’ umandela thina.” (We have not seen Mandela)

Asimbonanga by Johnny Clegg & Savuka from their 1987 CD Third World Child


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(Tyrrel Fairhead wrote the book. James McIntosh collaborated with him and co-wrote chapters of the book.)

Initially, motivated by a concern that the teachings, wisdom and insights of Nelson Mandela may go to waste and be lost to future generations, Tyrrel Fairhead was moved to acknowledge and record it all.

He studied the material, unpacked it, and has presented it in a form that can be used and modelled by all. He decided to name this program MadibaMindset, as a way of honouring the teachings of Nelson Mandela and his fellow political prisoners.

This program is therefore an interpretation of how the Mindset was practised, and the understanding of how to make it applicable to ‘normal’ living conditions.

Concise and easy to read, the MadibaMindset condenses the essence of how this great man, along with fellow prisoners, emerged from long captivity with a deeper humanity, enhanced dreams and an even higher vision.These are hard-won lessons that anyone can follow and emulate. The MadibaMindset will improve your approach to everything, from your personal life to business practise.

Bryan Rostron – Author and Journalist