When you rise above your fear and tear the walls around you down. The revolution starts here. Where you work and where you play. Where you lay your money down. What you do and what you say. The revolution starts now.

The Revolution Starts . . . by Steve Earle from his 2004 CD The Revolution Starts Now



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This book is about nonsense.

Specifically, it’s about how you perceive nonsense, because nonsense stops you from finding your path in life, nonsense side-tracks you from your path and nonsense makes you hesitate at every fork in your path.

In other words, many of us are prevented from living successful lives by ‘nonsense’. But what is ‘nonsense’?

‘Nonsense’ describes absurd, ridiculous, foolish or meaningless words, ideas, or conduct. It is purely subjective: you are likely to see ‘nonsense’ when you disapprove of it. For example, you might ‘see’ the following statement as nonsense:

It does not matter whether you understand your life.

It matters that you live it.

Actually, that is almost a bit of nonsense…. What really matters is that you choose to live it. Your freedom to choose makes you a creator and even deciding not to choose is an act of creation. That’s right, you are creating your life even when you are choosing to live with nonsense.

Every time you encounter nonsense, you are free to choose whether you see ‘sense’ or ‘non-sense’. It is this choosing between ‘sense’ and ‘non-sense’ that helps you to create a life that, in the end, makes complete sense for you.

Crossing the Nonsense Divide is a personal journey about making choices. It’s about choosing to create a successful life that, in the end, makes sense to you.

With this book you’ll explore the following concepts:

  • nonsense
  • the nonsense divide
  • why your path matters
  • the 5 steps to crossing the divide
  • pitfalls on your path and how to avoid them
  • the wheel of success (and why it is broken)
  • fixing the broken wheel of success
  • crossing over

In this book, James has helped us look honestly at the stupidity of carrying worthless, stinking debris we have collected over the years like garbage.

Terry Taylor – Richmond, VA, USA

This is not a read and absorb book. It’s a read and do book – an action book. McIntosh has put his finger on the heart of two of the major problems facing us.

Firstly, to shed the baggage that hampers our growth and secondly, to commit to do–to live–what is required for each of us to reach our personal potential–whatever we choose it to be. Read it!

Ray Hattingh – Cape Town, South Africa