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#938: Getting fired began with Adam and Eve, but still hurts


FiredI have joined a select club. Those fired by email. Even though it was only from a local radio station who, after 10 years, no longer wanted my twice-weekly radio pieces, it hurt.

People have been let go ever since Adam and Eve were kicked out of that garden, so why the hurt? Because they said goodbye before I did. It’s like that girl who broke my heart because she broke up with me before I could break up with her. Goodbye only hurts when we are not ready to go.

Breaking up happens for three reasons. She no longer needed me, I upset her, or a better hunk rode into town.

Unlike that girl, managers won’t tell you that they have found someone better. It’s too uncomfortable. And why should they? Job restructuring and performance reviews get you gone with less embarrassment, and look better in an email.

Every week, and often every day, the Chief Nonsense Officer expresses his opinion on a regional public radio (NPR) station somewhere. The above podcast is the radio version.
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