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#937: Helpless employees come from parents who equate loving with doing


Helpless-employeeDo you wonder where your ‘helpless’ employees come from? You know the ones — those who always wait for instructions, who never show initiative, who never volunteer, who never offer ideas, who never take responsibility.

Blame their parents. Specifically, blame their mother.

If you think I have a problem with mothers, then be disabused of that thought. I have loved more than one mother. I don’t even have a problem with mothers who love too much. But I do have an issue with mothers who equate loving with doing.

Take my wife. My wife does not know how to drive a vacuum cleaner because her mother regularly vacuum her apartment. You call that love? I don’t.

So, if you are over-helping with homework, picking up toys and clothes, doing things that Little Offspring should be doing, then know you are creating the next helpless employee.

We in management thank you very much.

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