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#934: Please pass on the leadership mantle in better shape


lightness-spiritIn the good old days I had a company car. Company cars have magical properties. They go much faster than normal cars; they reverse faster, brake harder, and jump obstacles easier. The list goes on.

Except, that is, the company car I was given. It wasn’t the car’s fault, nor the company’s fault, nor my mother’s fault, as Freud would have it. It was my father’s fault.

My father taught me from an early age to look after my possessions. Fair enough. But there is more. He made it clear that if I borrowed anything from anyone, I should give it back in better condition than I received it. No wonder my company car lost its magical abilities.

I know this is a leap, but I wonder whether magic would happen if leaders aimed to pass on the mantle they borrowed in better shape than they received it.

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