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 Nonsense At Work is on hold

(as of December 2016, for the time being)

The Chief Nonsense Officer (me) has a new slightly-higher stretch goal (see explanation in final newsletter), namely 5-days-a-week full-time employment (see explanation below). The last time I tried this way of working ended in 1990. Admittedly, there was a spell during the 1990s of 4-days-a-week. So this is truly a stretch goal for me.

And with this slightly-higher stretch goal comes the understanding that sometimes Reality, as She is perceived, must override nonsense, as I would have it be.

Hence Nonsense At Work has become Nonsense On Hold. For the time being.

(What remains to be done is to turn more than 10 years of Nonsense At Work into a book-thingy. How could this matter to you? See information at the end of the final newsletter.)


What full-time employment? Since December 2013 I have been CEO (on contract) at a 32-year old wealth management firm. My main role was to secure succession. Instead, I have been asked to become an employee on 1 January 2017, as the CEO and President. (What? I am the succession plan? How the jingle bells did that happen? Simple. Nonsense was at work.)

Nonsense just is, but sense must be uncovered, grasped and held tight

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